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Growth Mindset is an ed-tech company, combining tailor-made experiences with soft-skills enrichment and measurement tools to kids and grown-ups by offering two separate products.

Our philosophy

The idea of a Growth Mindset implies that intelligence evolves through hard work and practice. The implementation of appropriate strategies with open-minded thinking leads to individual and intellectual development in each sector through a process of failures, incentives, and redefinition.

The Growth Mindset philosophy is not only an effective educational approach that can urge individuals of all ages to work hard to achieve goals and assist them in thinking without a box, but it is also a way of life. A way of life, that leads to the acquirement of practical knowledge and hands-on experience.


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The Team

Anna Natsvlishvili - Growth Mindse
Anna Natsvlishvili

Data-Driven Brand & Marketing Director

Alexis Pantziaros

Problem-solving and Managing Director

Aggeliki Tziava

Story-teller & Curriculum Designer

Thanos Zitouniatis

Digital-transformer & Platform Director

Panos Andrikopoulos Growth Mindset
Panos Andrikopoulos
Maria Kantani - Growth Mindset
Maria Kantani
Ioannis Nikolopoulos - Growth Mindset
Giannis Nikolopoulos
Marios Vlachogiannis -  Growth Mindset
Marios Vlachogiannis
Andreas Tofaris - Growth Mindset
Andreas Tofaris

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