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Growth Mindset Insight II

Η Νοοτροπία της Ανάπτυξης – Το Growth Mindset στην Ελλάδα

Στην ομάδα της Growth Mindset μιλάμε πολύ συχνά για τις δεξιότητες (Soft Skills) και πόσο σημαντική είναι η ανάπτυξή τους, ειδικά κατά τις νεαρές ηλικίες. Είναι σημαντικό όμως να θυμηθούμε τον μηχανισμό που επιτρέπει στις καινούργιες δεξιότητες να αναπτυχθούν και να εναλλαχθούν με αρμονία – την νοοτροπία μας.  Η έννοια της νοοτροπίας θα μπορούσε να […]

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Goal Orientation - Soft Skill - Growth Mindset

Goal Orientation in 3 steps

Goal orientation is our willingness to try achieving certain goals while developing the aptitude of recognizing what efforts are needed for each goal. It is a soft skill, linked to aspects such as the way we communicate with others, recognize our strong and not-so-strong aspects, organize our work and manage our time. Here we will […]

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Enhancement of interpersonal communication in teaching

Although interpersonal communication is an essential soft skill, it is a common misconception that we do not need to enhance it since it is an aptitude we develop through our everyday life. That is why many would argue that there is not much to improve teaching methods when it comes to communication. However, progressive approaches […]

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Introduction to “Problem-Solving”

When employers talk about problem-solving skills, they often refer to the ability to deal with difficult or unexpected situations in the workplace and complex business challenges. Organizations rely on personalities who can evaluate both types of cases and confidently identify solutions. While employers value problem-solving skills, they are also beneficial in other life fields, such […]

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Soft Skills – The connective tissue of applied knowledge

Soft Skills Overview Soft skills were first described and used in their modern form by the army, as part of personnel management training. In fact, if you ignore the obvious creative drawback of military authority procedures, the army is one of the greatest examples of institutions focused intensely on soft skill development.  From making your […]

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Growth Mindset Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual Summer Camp

The Growth Mindset Virtual Camp is an original educational product, focused on kids age 10 -14. The Camp aims to offer soft skill enhancement as well as digital tool experience to the participating kids. The camp features a 7-day program for the cost of 80 euros per kid. It consists of 15-kid classes, working as […]

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Curiosity - Soft Skills - Growth Mindset

Is the “feeling of curiosity” soft skill?

One of the most underrated and less common soft skills contributing to academic, professional, and personal success is curiosity. Its meaning is not so simple to define as positive thinking, optimism, gratitude, or kindness. Curiosity is about thoughts and how they are related to emotions. Curiosity precedes learning and is the driving force behind the […]

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Soft Skills - Growth Mindset

Why should we encourage entrepreneurship in children? (Part 2)

Presentation skills can be cultivated in children as they are engaging in the entrepreneurship world. As in our second article, we talked about the different aspects of creativity, now its time to talk about communication skills, risk-taking, and habits cultivation and how kids can develop these skills throughout entrepreneurship. Development of communication skills By bringing […]

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