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Add to your to-do list: Enrich time management skills

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the imminent deadlines on school projects, work tasks or other responsibilities? Have you ever felt distracted, because while trying to complete a task, you are preoccupied with the rest of the work that you have to deal with? If you have, you may also have searched for the solution to this problem, thus having already heard the term time management.

What does it mean to have developed the skill of time management? For instance, a student who has developed this skill can prioritize and focus on completing the most urgent homework material firstly, contrary to a student who cannot organize their studying soon or well enough.

Time management is not merely a list of tips to help us improve our efficiency at work. It is mainly a soft skill that can be developed from an early age and prevent us from stressing about being productive. Furthermore, it is clear that time management is related to scheduling our work in a certain time framework, but also assuring that the quality of our work will not be compromised. In other words, the goal of using the skill of time management is to not only be capable of estimating the time needed for each task and creating the appropriate schedule but also making sure that all the tasks will be given the necessary attention and preparation.

How can we achieve that? Like all soft skills, time management includes the development of a metacognition process of thinking. More specifically, a certain sense of self-awareness is needed, in order to recognize our needs and the way in which we can be efficient based on our other skills, such as confidence in a certain work field. Additionally, let’s not forget that managing time depends on our own pace of learning and working. For example, when the homework piles up for students in elementary school, it is very helpful for them to work on their tasks based on their own rhythm and learn how to manage their free time, with the necessary guidance from the adults in their environment. That is why developing soft skills is a process that takes time and practice, thus making it important to enhance it from an early age.

So the main tip we could offer about managing time is to create a schedule based on one’s needs and way of working. In that way, we can prevent burnout, but also procrastination. This balance is important for our own benefit and at the same time for being able to work with others because we are more conscious of how to optimize our time and divide tasks to gain the best results.

It does not come as a surprise that more often than not people skilled in time management have the opportunity to truly enjoy learning and working while having free time during the day.


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Ellie Korre

Content Creator Intern @ Growth Mindset

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