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Why should we encourage entrepreneurship in children? (Part 1)

Entrepreneurship for kids - Growth Mindset

“My child and his colleagues are taking business classes.” A phrase we usually listen during parent-teacher conversations in the USA. However, in Greece, children’s participation in such business activities may be considered unnecessary, at worst pointless.

Those of you who are entrepreneurs should think about how much you would have benefited if you had been in contact with entrepreneurship in childhood and laid the bases. On the other hand, those of you who have developed business skills while you were still a child, think about how these have affected your life direction. Additionally, skills such as problem-solving, initiative and decision making are considered valuable not only in business but also, in daily life and the workplace.

Schools could play a key role in cultivating these skills and preventing children from acquiring them at an early stage. Parents also need to encourage their children to engage in activities that will grow their thinking and help them in later adulthood. That’s why it is worth analyzing the five principal benefits of “Entrepreneurship for kids” or “Entrepreneurship for children”.

Below you may find the first two benefits that children will gain throughout the involvement in entrepreneurship.

1. Attention to the goal

Defining and achieving goals is not an easy task for kids. Their enthusiasm often leads them to projects that will end-up as incompleted. That’s why it’s too important for kids to understand the course of every action to lead them to achieve their goals. On the other hand, entrepreneurs tend to work very hard and methodically to achieve their goals. This attribute can also be developed in children when they interact in a business environment with clear goals, strategies, perseverance, and a key characteristic of entrepreneurs.

2. Creative thinking

Those of us who socialize with children know how creative and inventive they are. This innate creativity flourishes within a business. Children are asked to develop their own product, solve problems, handle new situations, take initiatives, and find ways to reach the knowledge they are looking for, such as discovering competing companies or successfully advertising their product. The operation of a business involves constant challenges and therefore finding innovative ways to manage these challenges. Failure is always possible, but as true entrepreneurs, children learn not to give up!

Therefore, dedication to the goal and creativity develop unhindered when children take on “entrepreneur”.

What is next? Stay tuned!

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