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Why should we encourage entrepreneurship in children? (Part 2)

Soft Skills - Growth Mindset

Presentation skills can be cultivated in children as they are engaging in the entrepreneurship world. As in our second article, we talked about the different aspects of creativity, now its time to talk about communication skills, risk-taking, and habits cultivation and how kids can develop these skills throughout entrepreneurship.

Development of communication skills

By bringing children into contact with the world of entrepreneurship, we encourage them to automatically and directly engage. We collaborate with people they did not know before. It is very likely that they will not match but will have to interact and find ways to be productive and achieve their goals each time. Dialogue, exchange of views, disagreement management, and problem-solving require high communication skills. Based on that, we can understand the importance of this skill, as long as we are using it on a daily bases. Maybe every day! Also, children, as members of our business, learn to present themselves, their product or service effectively, and list the appropriate arguments to reach the agreement they want.

Undoubtedly, goal setting, creative thinking, and the cultivation of communication skills are critical skills of our time and are developed effectively in children through entrepreneurship. What is the fourth skill?

Risk-taking – Initiative

Risk! Too often, entrepreneurs face this. However, what happens when the child comes to this position? Many parents – especially Greek parents – try to protect their children from such situations. However, this can lead to the opposite results and characteristics such as low self-esteem, arrogance, etc. Therefore, it is beneficial within controlled and permissible limits, of course, for the child to take risks and make decisions on his own. To know in an experiential way that risk sometimes leads to failure and, therefore, to the search for solutions. In contrast, at other times, it can lead to better prospects. For example, a contractual job provides a specific salary, but setting up a company, which is characterized by a high level of risk, can lead to better earnings and greater success.

So let us encourage our children to take the initiative, to make mistakes, to find solutions, and ultimately to be responsible. After all, we need to prepare them for the challenges they will face in this world.

Cultivation of “work” habits

How many times have you have argued with your child because he did not read his lessons? In a business context, children learn to manage time properly and prioritize. They work as a team and share responsibilities so that everyone has a specific field of work and a clear goal. They thus learn to be consistent and develop a sense of responsibility.

The times are changing, and we have to prepare our children for jobs that do not exist today. It is essential to equip them with life skills to make the right choices.

Make them think like an entrepreneur, and you will be impressed.

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